UHASUniversity of Hawaii Asteroid Survey (Arizona)
UHASUriah Heep Appreciation Society
UHASUnited Hellenic American Societies (California)
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"Augson is excited to develop two transformative mixed-use projects for UHAS, dubbed Augson Smart Hostels.
Founded in 2000 by CEO Karl Volkmar, UHAS provides health actuarial, management, and underwriting consulting services supporting the full spectrum of individual, group medical, and supplemental health coverages and products for a wide variety of private- and public-sector clients.
|Ni aorekhoegu ge ||na ||khoa[double dagger]gaoxasiba uha tarekhoesa [double dagger]gae|gu tsi soros ai tsalkhasa!
La conciencia de la proximidad de la muerte despierta en los entrevistados el miedo de morir, sentimiento que se vuelve permanente: si, exactamehte, esta ehfermedad asusta; ehtohces uho ho lleva uha vida hormal (G-003-2).
The Chronicle appealed the Senate restrictions and the Executive Committee's subsequent sanctions to the UHAS again.
Vice Chancellor of UHAS, Prof John Gyapong, commended the government and all those who played a part in the conversion and called on the government to commit finances for the expansion of infrastructure in the hospital.
He explained that failure to follow the original design for the dual carriage road would lead to disaster, because there would be regular accidents at the UHAS junction as the inter-change would allow vehicles going to Accra from Ho to climb over, while those coming from Accra and those that would be going to the university would drive safely under the bridge.
FabLab airs weekends on Fox stations and is hosted by Nick Uhas, Kerri Doherty, Aysia Bell and Cara Santa Maria and Madi Vorva (not pictured).
Cynthia Sena Kpeglo Freiku, who is the Registrar of the University of Health and Allied Sciences (UHAS) at Ho, which occasion was observed at the Volta Serene Hotel, Ho.
The Chinese Construction Company, Yanjian declared that it has started construction work for the School of Bio-medical Science of the University of Health and Allied Science (UHAS), at Sokode near Ho, in the Volta Region.
Enamik neist eelistas kodumaale naasmise asemel voorsile jaamist, mis kohati tekitas laane ametivoimudes ilmselget hammingut, kuid ida-laane suhete jahenedes leidis see uha enam aktsepteerimist.
Ne khoeba ta ge tita |hao-u [parallel]aeb aib ge |gamdisi kurin !na ge ha-i, tsib ge [parallel]na khoe[??]noab tarare khoedi !na !gai[??]gaibasen-e uha tama khama gere musen, xawe |nisi [parallel]na !nae!khais ge [parallel]ib di |gauba ge |khara|khara.