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UHCUnited Health Care
UHCUniversal Host Controller
UHCUsb Host Controller
UHCUniversity Hospitals of Cleveland
UHCUnited Hitech Corporation
UHCUnburned Hydrocarbons
UHCUnwanted Horse Coalition
UHCUniversity Health/System Consortium
UHCUltra High Capacity
UHCUnited Hebrew Charities
UHCUdvar-Hazy Center (National Air and Space Museum)
UHCUnder Honorable Conditions
UHCUnicorn Hobby Corporation (airsoft gun manufacturer)
UHCUnderlying Hazardous Constituents
UHCUniversity Honor Council (various schools)
UHCUtility Helicopter Commander
UHCUnited Holy Church of America, Inc.
UHCUndershoot Hardened Circuitry (Fairchild Semiconductor)
UHCUniversal Holding Cabinet
UHCUltra High Compression
UHCUnit Hardware Cost
UHCUpper Hatch Close
UHCUnholy Company (gaming clan)
UHCUnited HealthCare Service, Inc.
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We expect to achieve 100 percent enrollment by the end of the first year of UHC implementation,' Duque said.
Duque made the assurance to dispel concerns by some lawmakers of a delay in the full implementation of the UHC given that the Department of Health (DOH) only selected key areas where local health service provider networks would be developed.
UHC means that all people and communities can use the promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative health services they need, of sufficient quality to be effective, while also ensuring that the use of these services does not expose the user to financial hardship.
Consequently, the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (Kemsa), which has been given 70 per cent of the UHC budget for purchase of drugs for four counties under the pilot stage, has not received the money for two months now.
civil society organisations to lead on the design and implementation of a pilot country workshop on UHC budget advocacy, using the draft UHC2030 toolkit.
Further increasing the taxes introduced by the previous Congress on e-cigarettes, such as heated tobacco and vapor (vaping) products will also augment the funding requirement for the UHC program.
The health chief furthered that the amount of P3 billion could even be smaller during the first year of implementation of the UHC because the PCSO will allot half of the said amount to pay for its liabilities.
When UHC was piloted, a large population flocked health facilities for registration with the illusion of 'free' health, which is not really the case.
If the principles for UHC have long been laid as the foundation of Filipino society, why is it then that government and its partners are making a big deal out of the new Republic Act 11223 or the Universal Health Care (UHC) Act of 2019?
During the public consultation for the UHC IRR at Royal Mandaya Hotel recently, Health Assistant Secretary Abdullah Dumama said there will be a national master plan to address the lack of health workers in the country.
The WHO defines UHC as all individuals and communities receiving the health services they need without suffering financial hardship, with coverage for the full spectrum of essential, quality health services, from health promotion to prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and palliative care.
But sexual and reproductive health is often discarded from health care strategies for the sake of political expediency, threatening to derail efforts to ensure UHC by 2030.