UHCAUltra-High Capacity Aircraft
UHCAUnited Highway Carriers Association (transportation industry)
UHCAUnited Holy Church of America
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Eventually, Milt Gabler, John Hammond, and Marshall Stearns organized a national network for the emerging hot club culture, the "United Hot Clubs of America" (UHCA) in 1935, supporting the presentation of organized jam sessions usually on Sunday afternoons, as well as small concerts and independent recordings, around the country.
As president of the Utah Health Care Association (UHCA) and a member of the Health Information Technology Committee (HIT) for the American Health Care Association (AHCA), Kelso has naturally become involved in working with other long-term care executives, as well as executives from all sectors of healthcare, to bring his own organization and his state and national associations into collaborative initiatives.
The next step, and one in which Kelso and other UHCA member-organization executives will be involved, is to create a statewide clinical network under the RHIO's sponsorship that will begin exchanging clinical data among providers.