UHCSUniversity Health Care System
UHCSUniversity Health and Counseling Services (Northeastern University; Boston, MA)
UHCSUrban Housing Capacity Study (UK)
UHCSUnited Home Care Services (Miami, FL)
UHCSUpper Hunter Community Services (Australia)
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'UNAIDS is committed to supporting the UHC in Kenya and other Sub-Saharan countries,' said Brenny.
Factors Contributing to the Adoption of National Obesity and Diabetes Policies Model 1 Model 2 ObesePol DiabPol ObesePrev 7.069 (4.386) -5.723 (3.092) ObesePol 4.272 (c) (1.660) DiabPrev 5.112 (a) (1.516) 8.050 (3.025) DiabPol 5.397 (b) (1.920) GDP 1.925 (1.176) 2.340 (2.383) Physicians -2.152 (a) (6.485) -5.783 (1.608) Beds 1.177 (b) (4.220) -1.390 (2.650) Pharma 1.301 (1.115) -7.758 (1.013) Deaths -7.169 (3.938) 9.162 (c) (3.949) ExtNCD 2.325 (1.333) 1.737 (1.773) Literacy -5.401 (4.316) 8.245 (5.460) Internet 9.715 (1.308) 3.267 (6.286) Developed 4.852 (2.261) 2.023 (1.790) UHCs 3.490 (2.338) 1.570 (1.797) Abbreviations: GDP, gross domestic product; UHC, universal healthcare systems.
Because district hospitals, UHCs and MCWCs are critical sources of treatment for abortion complications, and because the numbers of these facilities are relatively small, 100% of each of these types in the 16 sample districts were included in the sample.
of Characteristics patients (%) Place for seeking healthcare * RIMS & JNIMS 234 (58.31) * Private doctors at home 104 (25.87) * Private health facilities 33 (8.21) * UHCs 25 (6.23) * Others 5 (1.25) Rickshaws as main means of transport while seeking 306 (76.32) healthcare Doctors examining patients 372 (92.88) Spending Rs.
When we look at the specific types of facilities, all MCWCs provided the service, as did 83% of UHCs (not shown); both these facility types are staffed by doctors, nurses and paramedics.
Despite this infrastructure for health care delivery, the government has largely failed to meet the health care needs of the rural population, and this is due mainly to supply-side constraints: first, problems in retaining doctors in UHCs due to poor working conditions; second, a lack of proper input mix and skill mix due to underresourcing and recruitment problems; third, unfriendly and unapproachable behavior of the health care providers, which discourages contact from the local population; and finally, the charging of unofficial fees.
EmOC has been introduced in phases in selected MCWCs, Upazila Health Complexes (UHCs) and district hospitals.
To increase the efficiency of health sector, 12 new BHUs, 22 BHCs and UHCs were constructed and 35 existing facilities of BHUs and 22 RHCs were upgraded during 1999-2000.
Similarly, running an SI engine at a rich condition will lead to incomplete-combustion products such as [H.sub.2], CO, and unburned hydrocarbons (UHCs).
Methods: Information regarding vaccine doses consumed and children vaccinated during immunization sessions of 24 urban health centers (UHCs) of Surat city were retrieved for the period of January 1st, 2014 to March 31st, 2014.