UHDAUtah Hispanic Dance Alliance
UHDAUniversity Hospitals Dermatology Associates (Cleveland, OH)
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The UHDA's Premium Certification is the most trusted identifier of televisions, content, content services, and playback devices capable of delivering a premium Ultra HD experience in the home.
The UHDA, the organization charged with fostering the UHD ecosystem and promoting the benefits of UHD entertainment
For more information on the UHDA's standards and specifications, visit www.uhdalliance.org.
This means Samsung's new QLED TVs can express all colors at any level of brightness -- with even the subtlest differences visible at the QLED's peak luminance -- exceeding UHDA requirements.
The UHDA is a global coalition comprised of more than 50 member companies -- including leading film studios, consumer electronics manufacturers and content distributors -- and was established to foster and promote the Ultra HD ecosystem and benefits of Ultra HD technology.
As the Ultra HD ecosystem continues to grow, the UHDA will continue to expand the breadth of ULTRA HD PREMIUM certified products and services to provide consumers with a single, identifying mark to seek out so they can purchase with confidence, said UHD Alliance President Hanno Basse.
In follow up to the addition of Ultra HD Blu-ray players to ULTRA HD PREMIUM family, the UHDA is currently studying live broadcast of UHD content with an eye toward identifying key technical issues and developing a premium standard for live broadcast content.
To ensure products bearing the ULTRA HD PREMIUM logo are certified and conform to the organization's specifications, the UHDA has designated multiple, independent centers around the globe to conduct testing.
Companies interested in the UHDA specification and the associated licensing terms can obtain the UHDA Information Agreement and/or licensing terms by going through: http://www.uhdalliance.org/contact-us/.
Hyun Suk Kim, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, said; We are proud to receive Premium Certification from the UHDA for all Samsungs 2016 SUHD TVs which offer outstanding picture quality.
We will continue our work with the UHDA to establish UHD picture quality standards and drive progress across the home entertainment industry.
The UHDA is an organisation dedicated to fostering the UHD ecosystem and promoting the benefits of UHD entertainment technology.