UHDSUniversity of Hertfordshire Drama Society (UK)
UHDSUnited Hindu Dharma Samsthan (India)
UHDSUnion Hill Day School (Kansas City, MO)
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It also established the three primary decision makers: Dan Larson from UHDS, Amy McGowan from IUP, and Lori Fulton from Campus Planning.
All stakeholders were committed to creating a showcase facility, but, as noted previously, UHDS primarily funded the project.
Key retailers said that 4K TVs, also known as ultra high-definition (UHD) TVs, were the fast moving category in 55 inches.
"This is the first time that TV sales have taken the top spot and it is due to two reasons -- the industry is in the middle of a shift from smaller screen sizes to bigger sizes and from high definition to UHD," said Nadeem Khanzadah, Head of Retail, Jumbo Electronics.
The UHDS department is a small unit within the University of Houston, M.D.
The UHDS workforce is composed of three separate but interconnected groups-fulltime staff, student workers, and library school interns.
The precision required for such separation is where the technology of UHDs really shine, according to Schulz.
On the equipment sale and rental side, Schulz says UHDs are generating more and more interest among his customers.
UHDS has explored various procurement models and has determined that a public-private partnership may be in the best interests of our students, UHDS, and OSU.
Harmonic handles the entire UHD production and delivery workflow for Foxtels new service using the Electra video processor for live UHD HEVC encoding, the ProStream X stream processor for scrambling and the RD9000 decoder to achieve superior video quality for broadcast contribution.
This is a significant technology breakthrough for Foxtel and will undeniably attract many new subscribers who are excited about the raw beauty of UHD, said Tony Berthaud, vice president of sales, APAC, at Harmonic.
He said that big screen 4K TVs, also known as ultra high-definition (UHD) TVs, have been moving now and lot of roadshows and activities are being organised by manufacturers at major malls in the UAE.