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UHDTVUltra-High-Definition Television (various companies)
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Palabras o acronimos como UHD, 4K, UHDTV, Full Ready, Alta Definicion, etc., no tienen, segun quien las use, el mismo significado.
Ericsson has a significant heritage in the global TV and media market and pioneered the video compression technologies that are driving the worldwide digitalisation of TV and enabling new viewing experiences such as HDTV, TV Anywhere and UHDTV.
This innovative products meet the standard of "Interface for UHDTV Production Systems B-58 ver 1.0" that Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB) has established.
In 2005 UHDTV programs were demonstrated at the 2005 World Exposition, Aichi, Japan [3].
- What 'True' 4K UHDTV and Its Impact on End-to-End Media Delivery Chain?
Samsung HU8500 UHDTV PS2,699 from johnlewis.com This'll be the best TV set the consumer market has ever seen.
For a more immersive experience in living room entertainment, Samsung has expanded their curved UHDTV line with new models in the 78", 65" and 55" respectively.
Perhaps unsurprisingly the costly Samsung UHDTV set - which comes complete with 3D - has so far failed to sell.
HEVC targets next-generation Ultra HD television (UHDTV) displays and content capture systems that feature progressive scan, fast frame rates and high resolution displays.
"Today, the continued drive for more content, multi-service networks, and user expectations for higher quality content (3DTV, HD and UHDTV), especially for sports content, really challenges the bandwidth limitations on satellite.
Furthermore, for playback on personal computers the software enables real-time decoding of 4K UHDTV, which offer four times the resolution of Full HD.
Industry gears up for UHDTV Ultrahigh-definition television is the latest flavor in big flat-screen TVs, this news analysis explains.