UHIPUniversity Health Insurance Plan
UHIPUniversity of the Highlands and Islands Project (UK)
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(122) See ibid at 9-11; Queen's University Society for Graduate and Professional Students, "Report: Addressing the Cost of UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan) for International Graduate and Professional Students" by the Special Committee on International Graduate and Professional Students (5 February 2007), online: <http://www.spgs.ca>.
The advancement of the UHIP is positive but insufficient as it has failed to achieve universal coverage and has stagnated access to services and equity.
Some Canadianisms (e.g., UHIP, the First Nations people, LCBO, loonie, francophone) were well recognized.
Results tabulated from the survey of teachers indicate that seven of the eight teachers (accounting for 87.5%) claimed to have taught the Canadianism loonie in class; five (62.5%) had taught GST, the First Nations, and RCMP; four (50%) had taught anglophone, premier, toonie, PST, and francophone; three (37.5%) had taught LCBO, two-four, Canuck, and have province; two (25%) had taught impaired driving, bachelor, and whiteout; and one (12.5%) had taught UHIP, Canadian Tire money, have-not province, crown corporation, baby bonus, and OHIP.
They were familiar with some Canadianisms (e.g., UHIP, the First Nations people, LCBO) and unfamiliar with others (e.g., band council, have-not province, chip wagon).
Project costs for the new centre are being offset by a substantial contribution from the Millennium Commission, which is backing the UHIp with an overall grant of more than pounds 33 million.
And of course the UHIP project has impacted us significantly, because we share so much information with other departments and are therefore an integral part of the computer systems.