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In the book Media Moms and Digital Dads: A Fact-Not-Fear Approach to Parenting in the Digital Age, Yalda Uhls recommends a pragmatic approach toward parental navigation of the murky digital waters and facilitates the asking of some important questions.
Uhls brings research and insight into her discussion of the pros and cons of utilizing digital media.
But the show, which Uhls is exec producing with his wife Yalda Uhls and Greer Shephard and Michael Robin, is described as unyielding and dark; in one scene, a man rips open his palm in search of a subcutaneous tracking device that may or may not be there.
Execs at AMC then wanted to buy the project (they already had picked up another envelope-pushing former FX project, "Breaking Bad") but couldn't yet commit to a pilot, so Uhls and his reps opted not to sell it.
Uhls' story shows that while top talent from the feature realm is more eager than ever to bring ideas to television, they're finding that even cable has limits as to how far it can go.
Uhls says he doesn't plan on doing much revising to the script--and the storylines are too complex and open-ended to turn it into a feature project--so he just hopes to wait things out.
Uhl's anomaly and RVOT VT, severe and mild forms of ARVD/C?
ARVD/C and Uhl's anomaly are considered as different manifestations of the same disease (34).
In Uhl's anomaly the apoptotic process may be incessant and starts early in infancy or childhood with complete destruction of RV wall, whereas in ARVD/C there may be episodic apoptosis beginning in adolescence (36).
The mechanism involved in Uhl's anomaly would probably involve the factors that would either trigger apoptotic pathways or fail to protect from apoptosis leading to complete loss of right ventricular myocardium.
A similar process might be expected in Uhl's anomaly where the Wnt ligands fail to suppress the apoptosis leading to complete loss of RV myocardium.
Mallat et al (40) showed that apoptosis could be the primary process that precedes fibrofatty replacement of myocardial tissue in ARVD/C unlike in Uhl's anomaly where the only process of apoptosis is reported.