UHOHUniversity of Hohenheim (Stuttgart, Germany)
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Figure 10 demonstrates the excellent information content of the six-point-scanning pointing mode of the UHOH DLID for providing the horizontal wind, TKE, and momentum flux profiles continuously during day and night.
Within the WRF-Noah-MP configuration of UHOH, ensemble runs with different turbulence parameterizations will be performed over the SGP site.
We acknowledge the support of LAFE by IPM UHOH staff, namely, Andrea Riede, Alexander Geissler, and HansDieter Wizemann.
Furthermore, the field phase of LAFE was assisted by many students and scientists, particularly, Simon Kleine (UHOH); Justin Flaherty (Cleveland State University); Sarah Borg, Greg Blumberg, and Ryan Pajela (University of Oklahoma); and Coda Phillips and David Loveless (University of Wisconsin-Madison).
4TH PLACE Sent by Marji Clune UhOh Clothing Boutique
Weatherspoon conceded to Byard and Breckinridge that he had a drink "earlier that morning." Weatherspoon acknowledged that the first thought in his mind when Byard told him he would have to be tested was "uhoh," because he knew he had been drinking alcohol.
Uhoh,there's aScooby Lunchbox, withtoo much fat, salt and sugar.
They'd play a bit of different songs until they finally said, 'Go home and memorize this one.' I told them, 'We're going to shoot in two days, and I'm not going to be memorizing.' They looked at each other, and Todd said, 'Uhoh.' [So] they called round and found they could get a song that I knew."
Uhoh, the guys down here in my barangay could almost hear all the noise from the selfproclaimed "environmentalists" against the resumption of the SM land project.
"Every time I hug Eoghan now I think, 'Uhoh, what are people going to say?' I have to be a bit careful.