UHPCUltra High Performance Concrete
UHPCUlster Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club (Northern Ireland)
UHPCUnit Health Promotion Coordinator (US Coast Guard)
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References in periodicals archive ? Increasing Awareness Regarding the Benefits of UHPC Will Drive the Demand for Ultra-high Performance Concrete Market in Denmark
The growth of the ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) market is largely associated with the growth in the residential applications in the construction industry.
To fill this knowledge gap, researchers at FHWA's Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center executed an experimental study on six different commercially available materials being marketed as "UHPC class."
Composite structures are probably the most appropriate application enabling to take full advantage of the outstanding properties of UHPC, and various solutions combining a UHPC slab and a steel girder were successfully developed [5, 6].
In this study, the fatigue behaviour of the orthotropic steel deck of the HuMen Bridge (Figure 3) with a new proposed pavement method (UHPC layer) will be assessed based on the Miner's linear cumulative damage rule.
The bridge--probably North America's first completely brand new structure to use ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) --received an award for "excellence in design and construction in concrete bridges" in the 2010 Portland Cement Association's 12th Biennial Bridge Awards Competition.
Ultra high performance concrete (UHPC), which has very high mechanical properties (compressive strength >150 MPa and tensile strength >10 MPa), is a relativity new cement-based composite material (Habel et al.
UHPC has commissioned consulting firm Vergel 3 Consult headed by Engineer Manuel M.
In order to apply nondestructive test method for structure analysis of UHPC after certain cycles of salt-scaling it is necessary properly understand the structure of the material, destruction mechanism of frost damage and correctly interpret data of applied test method.
Steven, "Improvement of the post fracture behaviour of UHPC by fibres," in Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC '08), p.
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