UHPTUltra-High Performance Tire (automotive product)
UHPTUnloaded Heel-Pad Thickness
UHPTUndergraduate Helicopter Pilot Training
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With this year's goal of reaching global sales revenues of $6bn, Hankook Tire plans to focus on expanding sales in the UHPT segment as well as in the OE segment for new premium car models in order to strengthen its brand value.
Full nucleotide sequences of six genes (murA, uhpT, glpT, uhpA, ptsI, and cyaA) were determined by a combination of direct sequencing and primer walking with the respective PCR products.
mRNA levels of uhpT and rpoD were quantified using QuantiFast SYBR Green PCR Mastermix (Qiagen) by LightCycler LC480 (Roche, Basel, Switzerland) with the cDNA as a template.
Next, nucleotide sequences of murA, uhpT, uhpA, glpT, ptsI, and cyaA genes were determined (Table 3).
To determine the activity of UhpT and GlpT, we examined cell growth in M9 minimum salt solution supplemented with G6P or G3P.
We found that loss of UhpT (G6P transporter) activity is more dominant than that of GlpT (G3P transporter) in strains with decreased FOM susceptibility.
Most of them displayed fluctuated activity of the G6P transporter UhpT. However, G6P transporter function was altered even though the G6P-induced uhpT expression and amino acid sequence of UhpT were preserved in one strain (FOM MIC 8 [micro]g/mL).
Kadner, "Transcription activation at the Escherichia coli uhpT promoter bythe catabolite gene activatorprotein" Journal of Bacteriology, vol.
coli isolates carried fosA3, [bla.sub.CTX-M-15], and [bla.sub.TEM-1] and contained mutations in GlpT (L297F," T348N, Q443E, E444Q) and UhpT (E350Q) (GenBank accession nos.