UHRUltra-High Resolution
UHRUniversity Human Resources (various locations)
UHRUltra High Resolution
UHRUltra High Reliability
UHRUnidad Humanitaria de Respuesta (Spanish: Humanitarian Response Unit)
UHRUniversal Health Record (patient information concept)
UHRUncorrelated High-Rank
UHRUltra High Reuse
UHRUniversal Horse Riding (Donjeux, France)
UHRUnchs - Habit RWA
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Each month for the past year, CLC has been bringing a class of kids to the UHR Florida center to learn two more of their 30 human rights in a one-hour seminar.
2012), "Uber Rumaniens Fortschritte im Rahmen des Kooperations- und Kontrollverfahrens", in Bericht der Kommission an das Europaische Parlament und den Rat [http://ec.europa.eu/cvm/docs/com_2012_410_de.pdf], [http://ec.europa.eu/public_opinion/index_en.htm], abgerufen am 08.05.2016 um 13.31 Uhr.
fornicatus diet without fungus replaced every week and kept at the same conditions described before; 3) UHR + Quercivorol lures; and 4) no-lure control.
IPC and UHR is formed by processes of regions' adaptation to global and regional tendencies in the development of economy, whose key factors are the ability to create innovation and maintain employment.
For example, there are several strong chapters on the way in which prime ministers learn their leadership skills while in opposition (Chapter 4, by Professor Wayne Errington); the complex nature of how upper chambers in our Westminster system adapt when a prime minister is replaced through a general election (Chapter 5, by Professors John Uhr, S.
Plant manager Thomas Uhr, said, 'Although this is the oldest plant in the Daimler Group in historical terms, the magnificent enthusiasm and commitment of our workforce has kept it young and dynamic.'
Spud, the rare box crab, which is thought to be the largest ever found in British waters is displayed by Hayley Uhr
He founded Hickham Industry (now Sulzer) and Ashley, Hickham and Uhr (now incorporated into TurboCare).
Aber ausgerechnet in dieser Nacht, ungefahr um 1 Uhr, horte man kraftiges Klopfen an der einzigen Tur, die zur Matildes Zimmer fuhrte, begleitet von einer schrecklichen Stimme:
The medium, in this case, being the photopolymeric film developed by Bayer and used to great effect by Canadian company UHR (Ultimate Holographic Reproductions).
And it was finally decided the cull would be ended and any animals found handed over to UHR for removal.
Burgerliches Leben im Zeichen der Uhr: Bemerkungen zu einer literarischen Kontroverse um 1800 in Deutschland.