UHRUltra-High Resolution
UHRUniversity Human Resources (various locations)
UHRUltra High Resolution
UHRUltra High Reliability
UHRUnidad Humanitaria de Respuesta (Spanish: Humanitarian Response Unit)
UHRUniversal Health Record (patient information concept)
UHRUncorrelated High-Rank
UHRUltra High Reuse
UHRUniversal Horse Riding (Donjeux, France)
UHRUnchs - Habit RWA
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fornicatus diet without fungus replaced every week and kept at the same conditions described before; 3) UHR + Quercivorol lures; and 4) no-lure control.
IPC and UHR is formed by processes of regions' adaptation to global and regional tendencies in the development of economy, whose key factors are the ability to create innovation and maintain employment.
UHR yesterday celebrated the release of the 1000th hedgehog on the mainland.
On the UHR it allows you to have both a regular-weight trigger pull (individually adjustable) and a light target-weight trigger pull (also individually adjustable) on the same rifle.
The UHRA bipolar design was modified from the UHR design by having the polyethylene entrance of the inner opening widened and the angle of the polyethylene rim decreased to improve inner bearing range of motion.
Una vez realizado el diagnostico, el informe es remitido a la UHR donde se procedera a realizar las siguientes actividades:
John Becker entered the picture in 1991 when, during a municipal budget crisis, the Archives found it could no longer afford to manage UHR.
One of its first targeted markets is display holograms, and the UHR agreement is 'to advance the broad commercialization of high-quality, true-color holographic images.
Three independent IVT target preparation reactions of UHR total RNA (Stratagene) run by an independent laboratory starting with 10 [micro]g of total RNA per amplification gave a present call of 51.
Speaking from Benbecula, Kay Bullen, of UHR, who is planning to stay on the islands for the next six weeks, said: 'We have already had a good response from residents here who have been handing in hedgehogs to us and we hope that it will continue.
Tina Swindle, of UHR, said: "The bounty has been a big success but we don't want females lifted now.
But UHR, backed by St Tiggywinkle Wild-life Hospital and Advocates for Animals, found out Mrs Rothwell hunts using dogs.