UHV-CVDUltra-High Vacuum Chemical Vapor Deposition
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Compared with other growing methods, for example, UHV-CVD [34], MBE [16, 17], RPCVD [21, 22], LEPECVD [35], or thermal evaporation [23, 24], using ECRCVD, we can obtain an epitaxial Ge phase in the XRD rocking curve at a low temperature (180[degrees]C) simply by increasing the working pressure.
Different from the Ge epilayer grown on Si by high temperature process like MBE, UHV-CVD, or RPCVD, ECRCVD can grow a Ge epilayer on Si at a low temperature of 180[degrees]C.
In conclusion, we have successfully deposited flat and thin Ge epilayers directly on c-Si substrates under a low temperature of 180[degrees]C using ECR-CVD which is distinct from UHV-CVD, MBE, RPCVD, LEPECVD, or thermal evaporation methods with high temperature process.