UIDTUser Interface Development Tool
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The UIDT should be very easy to use for novice programmers, yet allow experts the utmost latitude in defining renegade window types, and perform actions at the lowest possible level.
Understanding what an application might require from a UIDT, the operations and control mechanisms supported by PANES can now be explained.
Beyond these primary operations, the UIDT must also "know" something about each type of window defined by the application programmer.
These restrictions often apply to data input; for example, in a window that may contain only integers, the UIDT system should restrict input to the characters 0-9 and - (minus sign).
The control passing mechanism between the UIDT process and the application should be transparent to the user (or appear modeless).
These UIDTs aid programmers in the construction of interfaces for data-oriented applications.
These UIDTs eliminate the need to construct user interfaces for each application.
They function much like the generalized, embedded UIDTs, except that they can only be used in conjunction with the host packages.