UIIUser Interface Integration (computing)
UIIUniversitas Islam Indonesia (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
UIIUnique Item Identifier
UIIUnified Industries Incorporated (Springfield, VA, USA)
UIIUnique Investment Identifier (numeric code)
UIIUser Input Indication
UIIUrban Industry Initiative (Philadelphia, PA)
UIIUniversity-Industry Interaction
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In order to validate the association between the increase in UII expression and its function in regulating blood pressure, we conducted this study using Dahl salt-resistant and salt-sensitive rats, selectively bred models developed by Dr.
Compared with the average annual rate of change in urban expansion, the UII introduces the regional urban area to carry out standardized treatments, which makes the expanding speed of different periods of urban area utilization more comparable; it also illustrates the relationship between urban area and nonurban area during the expansion of urban area.
KEY WORDS: Ubiquitous Computing, Ubiquitous Information Interaction (UII), Mobile Computer Systems, Natural Disaster Management, Ubiquitous Dead Bodies Management
IUID includes the process of assigning a unique identifier to qualifying personal property items in the DoD inventory and physically marking the items with a two-dimensional (2-D) data matrix mark that contains a unique item identifier (UII).
Amino acids in the core region of UII are identified in a highly compact conformation with the formation of a hydrophobic pocket, in which [Ala.sup.4],[Phe.sup.7],[Trp.sup.8], and [Val.sup.12] are projected on the same side of the molecule being at least in part important residues for the binding site.
e., PSW UIN (State Islamic University), Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, PSG UII (University of Islam Indonesia), and PSW UMY (University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta), and three of public universities: PSW UGM (Gadjah Mada University), PSW UNY (State University of Yogyakarta), and PSW UPN "Veteran" (University of National Development "Veteran").
The formatted data is called a Unique Item Identifier (UII).
In a similar (albeit more restrained) fashion, Marcus Boon's examination of the digital and the infinite, Douglas Kahn's stylistically polished 'Where Does Sad News Come From?', and David Tetzlaff's playful 'Das Plagiierenwerk Convolute Uii' contribute to this critical examination of the difficult cultural position collage holds, as both a political act and an artistic statement.
This matrix, in turn, builds an UII that is globally unique.
The data matrix is encoded with the data elements needed to construct the unique item identifier (UII), which is globally unique and unambiguous.