UIJUnderground Injection (hazardous waste disposal)
UIJUterine-Isthmic Junction
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Donde Uij es el porcentaje de la votacion del candidato i obtenida en el municipio j y Vj es el porcentaje de la votacion total del municipio j en relacion con la votacion total del departamento (Rodriguez Raga, 2001).
Con las categorias previamente senaladas y a fin de establecer una escala de la ubicacion ideologica de cada juez (UIJ) se aplico, con modificaciones, la formula proporcionada por Segal y Cover (1989) que expresa: UIJ = (izquierda - derecha) / (izquierda + centro + derecha).
As the answer to a given question, each of the mentioned m experts (examinees) in the performed poll gives a number uij as a ranking parameter in relation to other questions.
Note, that in this case, the player and the opponent each have a utility and that they are negatives of each other: (Uij, Vii), with Vij = -Uij.
where Uij is a vector of individual and alternative characteristics, di is a vector of parameters and A.
[less than] *uiz# [similarto] uij bhias [less than] *uig bhios;
The first term on the right is the contribution of variation among groups to overall inequality; it increases with the dispersion of average group earnings uij around the overall mean [Y.sub.y], and is higher when there are larger proportions of individuals in groups with mean earnings very different from the overall mean.
uij is again decomposed into |uij > = M1ae1 + M2[beta]e2 + ...