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UIMAUnstructured Information Management Architecture
UIMAUnstructured Information Management Architecture (IBM)
UIMAUniversity of Iowa Museum of Art (Iowa City, IA)
UIMAUkrainian Institute of Modern Art (Chicago, IL)
UIMAUniversal Institute of Martial Arts (Camas, WA)
UIMAUnemployment Insurance Modernization Act of 2009
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con1(country code); rel(isNot); ins1 (cn); con2(country name); rel(isNot); ins2(china); hypothesis1(con1,rel,ins1); hypothesis2(con2,rel,ins2); hypothesis3(con2,rel,ins1); confidence1(hypothesis1,0.84); confidence2(hypothesis2,0.77); confidence3(hypothesis3,0.09); For each of the corresponding modules an UIMA annotator has been developed and incorporated, as the Question Analysis component in the overall QA processing pipeline (see figure 6).
Hundreds of Apache UIMA Annotators and thousands of algorithms help Watson -which runs disconnected from the Internet- access vast databases to simultaneously comprehend clues and formulate answers.
The wealth of non-Western pottery in the UIMA collection is surprising, but dealers of African art were frequent visitors to Iowa City.
It will support the new open Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) announced recently by IBM.
IBM's Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) enables text within documents and other media to be analysed, and the company will reportedly make the technology available to other software developers.
Se utilizo la cepa Saccharomyces cerevisiae var boulardii procedente del cepario de la Unidad de Investigacion en Microbiologia Ambiental (UIMA)--Seccion Micologia.
DeepQA is developed using Apache UIMA, (10) a framework implementation of the Unstructured Information Management Architecture (Ferrucci and Lally 2004).
Luxid[R] is UIMA compliant and brings efficiency, through open and easy-to-deploy annotation workflows, scalability, through built-in load-balancing capabilities with unlimited service nodes dispatch, and interoperability, through native connection to UIMA-compliant third-party information retrieval applications.
Criopreservadas a -20[grados]C en caldo nutriente (Difco[TM]) con glicerol al 20%v/v, y almacenadas en el laboratorio de Bacteriologia de la Unidad de Investigacion en Microbiologia Ambiental (UIMA), FEC-LUZ.
Integrating a Natural Language Message Pre-Processor with UIMA. Paper presented at the Towards Enhanced Interoperability for Large HLT Systems: UIMA for NLP Workshop at the Sixth Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Marrakech, Morroco, 31 May.