UIMFUpper Island Musical Festival (Canada)
UIMFUpper Island Mustangs and Fords (Vanvcouver, British Columbia, Canada)
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Genetic parameter estimates for meat quality traits and UIMF percentage are displayed in Table 3.
Genetic and phenotypic correlations between ultimate pH and UIMF were -0.14 and -0.01, respectively.
Estimates of genetic and phenotypic correlations for CIMF and UIMF were 0.75 and 0.76, which were strong correlations.
In this study, the range of genetic correlations between IMF (CIMF and UIMF) and CIE L*, CIE a*, CIE b* were 0.24 to 0.27, 0.30 to 0.37, and 0.41 to 0.48, respectively.
Four breeds, Berkshire, Duroc, Landrace, Large White were measured for loin muscle IMF percentage by ultrasound machine (UIMF) in live swine.