UIMNHUniversity of Illinois Museum of Natural History
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IPN CB 149-156; UIMNH 38023-25; UMMZ 125376), all of which had been previously referred to P.
We did not examine the specimens IPN CB 149-156, UIMNH 38023-25, or UMMZ 125376 in this study.
Phillips (Illinois Natural History Survey) for the loan of UIMNH 4962; J.
No specific locality, TNHC 25020; Bustamante, UNL 3934-35; Chipinque, UNL 5542; Galeana, near, FMNH 30615; Horse Tail Falls, FMNH 30616-17, 39824, SM 11521, UIMNH 3793, UK 148600, UNL 2701-02, Ituribe, UMMZ 95207; Ituribe, 14.
I made extensive use of the collection at UIMNH (1963-1965), KU (1965-1969, and as Visiting Curator in 1984 when many pertinent data were acquired), and UMMZ (as Visiting Curator in 1976 when many of my impressions about Mexican Eleutherodactylus were changed by seeing critical material for the first time).
GUATEMALA, Piedras Negras, UIMNH 14585-653; Santa Cruz, 6 mi E Yaxha, UMMZ 75378.