UIMNHUniversity of Illinois Museum of Natural History
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Phillips (Illinois Natural History Survey) for the loan of UIMNH 4962; J.R.
Holman; UIMNH 4962 Normal, McLean Co., IL [no date or collector given].
35] (1 UIMNH); 3 km S Santa Ana Telostoc [18[degrees] 22' 15"N, 97[degrees] 34' 14" W; Loc.
Grady Co: locality unspecified, 1 (UF); Beachton, Birdsong Plantation, 1 (FMNH); 1 (UIMNH); 5 (CHAS).
Palmer, 61[degrees]36'N 149[degrees]6'W (2 CM); Chitistone R., 61[degrees]26'N 142[degrees]31'W (1 UAM); Anchorage, 61[degrees]13'N 149[degrees]53'W (1 USNM, 1 FMNH, 1 UIMNH); Peters Cr., 61[degrees]24'N 149[degrees]26'W (1 KU); Port Nellie Juan, 60[degrees]33'N 148[degrees]9'W (1 MVZ); Hope, 60[degrees]55'N 149[degrees]38'W (2 CM); Cordova, 60[degrees]30'N 145[degrees]25'W (10 UAM); 6 mi.
UIMNH 62817; from 90.5 road miles or 145.7 kilometers north (via Highway 45) of Ciudad Durango (=about 10.5 road miles or 17 kilometers south Rodeo), Durango, Mexico; obtained by Rudolph G.