UINTUnsigned Integer
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On June 16th 2010, at the FFIEC Headquarter in Paris, UINT received the award "L'electron d'or" of the French best Start-up of the year 2010 given by "le magazine ElectroniqueS" and RS sponsor among the 12 winners of the newly created category this year for the 13th edition.
4 uint indexAtDepth = uint(totalRaymarchCount * (depth-zMax)/(zMin-zMax));
France, the United States, the Uinted Kingdom and some other Western countries have faced criticisms over arms sales to the Saudi Arabia and the UAE, whose aggression against Yemen has affected 28 million people and caused what the United Nations calls "one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world".
Optimization variables OptimizationVariable Symbol Uints Number of Orbital Planes P - Number of Satellite per Orbital Planes S - Phase Factor F - Orbit Height h km Inclination i deg Equivalent Area of Downlink Antenna [A.sub.Sat] [m.sup.2] Transmission power of the satellite [P.sub.Sat] w Table 3.
The Cabinet stressed, in this context, the Kingdom's call to the Uinted Nations Security Council to condemn the actions being committed by Al-Houthi militias backed by Iran on recruiting children and involving them in battlefields as well as using them as human shields and the firing of missiles from platforms installed in the civilian neighborhoods, reflecting a blatant disregard for international laws and humanitarian norms.
Leaders of Uinted Committee Manipur, All Manipur United Clubs Organisation and Committee on Civil Society Kangleipak have been camping in Delhi since December 16 to urge the national leaders not to take a"one-sided decision"on the issue.
ISLAMABAD -- The Centre for Excellence in Journalism, Karachi, the Embassy of Switzerland in Pakistan, Fondation Hirondelle, Switzerland, International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, Geneva, and the Uinted Nation Information Centre in Pakistan invite applications from Pakistan and Afghanistan for a training programme on audio and video documentary making on human rights and peacebuilding.
For sample preparation, 14u l of 5x sample buffer was mixed with 1 u l of virus culture or clinical sample.Lyophilized LAMP master mix [dNTP (0.4mM),trehalose (460mM), Bsm polymerase (8 uints), 0.4X EvaGreen(r) dye]was used after 5-10minutes' incubation at room temperature.
Using this definition, in a report it prepared in 2014, UNICEF concluded that poverty in the Uinted States was greater than in Greece!