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UIPUnited International Pictures
UIPUnintentional Injury Prevention
UIPUpdate in Place
UIPUser Interface Process
UIPUniversité Interdisciplinaire de Paris (French: Interdisciplinary University of Paris; France)
UIPUnited in Prayer
UIPUnión Parlamentaria (Spanish: Parliamentary Union)
UIPUncovered Interest Parity
UIPUnit Information Page (US Marine Corps)
UIPUndegraded Intake Protein
UIPInternational Union of Private Wagons
UIPUser Interface Program
UIPUniversidad Interamericana de Panamá
UIPUniversal Immunization Program (India)
UIPQuimper, France - Pluguffan (Airport Code)
UIPUnion Internationale des Wagons Privés (French: International Union of Private Wagons; Brussels, Belgium)
UIPUnconventional Innovations Program (US National Cancer Institute)
UIPUrinating In Public
UIPUsenet Improvement Project (UIP is an attempt to make Usenet participation a better experience)
UIPUltimate Irrigation Potential
UIPUSIGS Interoperability Profile
UIPUsual Interstitial Pneumonia of Liebow
UIPUpgrade Improvement Program
UIPUnusual Interstitial Pneumonitis
UIPUnit Incentive Plan
UIPUtilities Infrastructure Plan
UIPUser-Initiated Provisioning
UIPUmbilical Interface Panel
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Anecdotally, it has been our experience that there has been a tendency in the past few years in some academic and nonacademic centers treating patients with ILDs toward extrapolating the findings in a "confident read of a definite UIP pattern on HRCT chest" to other HRCT patterns, perhaps, without supporting evidence.
When estimated, I believe that funds spent on UIP will be understood as wise economic investment, instead of the current thinking that these are unavoidable expenditure to satisfy international norms.
That's particularly true in the U.K., where Par inherited UIP's old British arm, and U set up a new distribution company under former Fox topper Simon Hewlett.
Under the agreement BVI would reportedly close its distribution unit in Denmark and distribute its films through UIP's Danish operation, while in Finland UIP would close its local office and would distribute films thorough BVI's office in Helsinki, reported the online news provider Hollywood Reporter.
Bridging fibrosis is common in CHP (Table 2), and some authors suggest it is a prototypical lesion that is rarely seen in UIP. (26,30,31)
They were asked to classify the histopathologic pattern according to the 2002 ATS/ERS statement on IIP (1) as follows: UIP, nonspecific interstitial pneumonia, organizing pneumonia, diffuse alveolar damage, respiratory bronchiolitis, desquamative interstitial pneumonia, and other specific diseases.
The radiographic definition of UIP by high-resolution computerized tomography (HRCT) is characterized by a patchy subpleural or septal distribution of scarring, together with honeycomb lung seen prominently at the bases.
(14,15) The histologic coexistence of the NSIP pattern (NSIP-P) and the UIP pattern is not well-established, although some studies have documented coexisting UIP and NSIP patterns (so-called discordant UIP) as well as potential progression from NSIP to combined NSIP-UIP.
UIP disagrees with the Commission's conclusions that the joint selling of films is anti-competitive, arguing that it has over the years contributed to developing the European film industry by helping distribute European film productions as well.
The most important IIP pattern is usual interstitial pneumonia (UIP).
2 finisher, Oliver Stone and UIP's "World Trade Center," internationally.
Week Weekend ended 9/17/06 JAPAN $1=[yen]116.3 1 X-Men: The Last Stand (Fox) $3,000,408 2 2 Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (UIP) 2,033,106 1 3 Ultraman Mebious & ...