UIPAUnfair Insurance Practices Act (various states)
UIPAUniform Information Practices Act
UIPAUtne Independent Press Award (Minneapolis, MN)
UIPAUnion Inter Parlementaire Arabe (French: Inter-Parliamentary Arabic Union; various locations)
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The court declined to do so, echoing the long-held premise that mere negligence or bad judgment, both of which can lead to a UIPA violation, was not sufficient to prove a bad-faith claim.
En las instalaciones de la UIPA (Unidad de Investigacion en Produccion Animal) del decanato de Agronomia dela UCLA, funcionara a manera de banco de genes, donde se atenderan de manera especial los reproductores puros obtenidos de la implantacion de embriones.
This reading of the statute was rejected by the court, primarily because the legislature, in enacting Section 8371, which was passed after UIPA, saw fit not to incorporate UIPA's definition into the new statute.