UIPSUtrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (The Netherlands)
UIPSUniversal Intelligent Positioning System (technology project; Malaysia)
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1992 - UIPS opened a kindergarten in a villa in Garhoud with 125 students and 20 faculty.
And he has been given the greenlight to create specialized distribution units in several key territories, in a bid to improve the way UIP handles those thorny non-blockbuster pics -- whether they come from the partner studios, their classics divisions or local pick-ups.
But Oneile himself has drawn fire inside UIP and among the partners for not moving quickly or decisively enough to implement his evolutionary ideas.
But he also confirms that Smith, at least, who is leaving to set up as a consultant, Will likely continue to work closely with UIP on specific pics.
Oneile says that he has spent the past 18 months in detailed diagnosis of UIP's evolutionary needs, and has already implemented many low-profile changes of "field level." His extensive visits to the company's worldwide outposts have led company wags to nickname him "The Accidental Tourist." Although he will not be drawn into criticism of the old guard, he talks bullishly about the benefits of freshening the management cadre.
They are professional and knowledgeable, but they haven't adapted." The source cites UIP's poor use of the Internet as a marketing tool as an example.
Another one of Oneile's strategic goals is to decentralize UIP, so that regional managers have more flexibility to respond to the unique circumstances of their own markets.
One side effect of this has been to cause some disgruntlement among UIP veterans about being micromanaged from Hollywood.
"Their understanding of the UIP structure and their appreciation of it has certainly-increased since I've been here.
"We wish that all these (management changes) could have been accomplished a year ago, says one Hollywood-based international marketing exec, while expressing full support for the direction Oneile is taking UIP.
Asked whether that means he is confident they will renew the UIP partnership in 2002, he responds: "That's too far into the future.
His confidence is borne out by the fact that U, despite speculation to the contrary, has shown no interest in abandoning UIP in favor of Polygram's foreign distribution arm.