UIRSUndergraduate International Relations Society (UCLA; California)
UIRSUnemployment Insurance Remote Systems
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One of the most important is that the UIRs are associated with interstellar dust, and understanding the components of that dust could give clues to the origin of these mysterious voyagers.
It turned out to be a near-perfect match for one of the main features in the UIRs," said Duncan.
That naphthalene is part of the UIRs is not totally unexpected, as it is composed of only hydrogen and carbon.
The spectrum of this form of naphthalene does not match the UIRs.
Duncan and his colleagues, however, had reason to believe that adding an extra proton to naphthalene (from the abundant hydrogen in space), which latches on in an unlikely space collision to give it the formula C10H9 +, might cause just the kind of change in its spectrum to match the UIR pattern.
Cao [1, 4, 5, 15] has proposed several updated invalidation report (UIR) based caching strategies to address the problem.
To further reduce query latency, the strategy uses request reports (RRs), where all the recently requested items are broadcast after the UIR. Selective tuning is used to conserve the client energy.
Cao [4, 15] has done some pioneering work to reduce the long query delay associated with basic IR based strategy by introducing the idea of updated invalidation report (UIR).
In UIR scheme, the requested data are broadcast after the next IR, thus, due to cache miss the expected query latency is L/2 seconds.
The previously reported original structure[8] used a uniform impedance resonator (UIR) as a planar resonator.
A filter performance analysis for a UIR case has been reported previously.[8] The calculation uses even- and odd-mode impedances [Z.sub.e] and [Z.sub.o][9-11] that can be analyzed by the spectral domain approach.[12] Figure 3 shows the structure diagram of parallel coupled striplines, while Figure 4 shows its calculated performance, where [[Epsilon].sub.r] = 58, l=6 mm, [C.sub.01] = 5pF, [C.sub.r1] = 12 pF, [Z.sub.e] = 8.08 [Omega], [Z.sub.o] = 7.62 [Omega], w=1.8 mm and t = 0.8 mm.