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UISAUser Instruction Set Architecture
UISAUndergraduate Indian Students Association (Case Western Reserve University; Cleveland, OH)
UISAUnited Indian Student Alliance
UISAUnemployment Insurance Savings Account
UISAUndergraduate International Student Application
UISAUniversity of Iowa Student Association
UISAUniversity Investment Society Association (UK)
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This paper is an attempt to provide more insights into the working of the UISA system by simulating its introduction in Slovenia, a transition economy.
For both substantive as well as data reasons, Slovenia is a very attractive case for a UISA simulation study.
Our simulations show that the UISA system is a viable alternative to a modest UI system, but that its viability is jeopardized under generous benefits.
Their analysis indicates that almost all individuals would have positive UI Savings Account (UISA) balances and therefore remain sensitive to the cost of unemployment compensation.
A rubric describes Herod: "uisa prophetia, furore accessus, proiciat librum" (having seen the prophecy, in an access of rage, let him fling down the book [87]).
Proposals have included unemployment insurance savings accounts (UISAs), traditional unemployment insurance (UI) programs as found in most developed countries, and some hybrid systems providing a combination of UISAs and traditional UI.
Feldstein and Altman examine a system of Unemployment Insurance Saving Accounts (UISAs) as an alternative to the traditional unemployment insurance system.