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UISCEUnion for Improved Services Communication and Education (Dublin, Ireland; drug users forum and support group)
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Joseph O'Brien, trainer of Wishmoor and Uisce Beatha ran well last time and is in good form.
It may be that the incidental grievance of the establishment of the Irish water utility, 'Bord Uisce' was sufficient to bring about this structural change in behaviours.
It was named for the Gaelic words "uisce beatha," meaning "water of life." Bourbon barrels can add a slight sweetness to whiskey during distillation process.
We acknowledge financial support from the European Union for contracts 006540 (SSP8) (ECASA), INCO-CT-2004-510706 (SPEAR), and KEYZONES (CRAFT), together with support from the China MOST project 2002CB714008, DARD-NI for the SMILE project, and from Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) for the UISCE project.
"I love dragons, unicorns, pegasi (plural for pegasus), hippogriffs, griffins, capaill uisce (even though they are box, and brush them once a week.
Ban Uisce has made the transition from rules to the pointing field where he has been running very competitively.
CAPTAIN BECHER Dont Take Me Alive 1.10 Valleyofmilan 1.40 My Brother Sylvest (nap) 2.15 I'm The Decider 2.45 Ban Uisce 3.20 Basil Fawlty 3.50 Conor O'Farrell 120 9 ...................................D Jacob 6..........................
And along the way he apparently stumbled across the distillation process while in France, bringing back the uisce beatha - water of life - to Ireland.
THE STORY: Each November on the tiny island of Thisby, a few dozen riders compete in the deadly Scorpio Races--which use capaill uisce, violent, flesh-eating water horses--to challenge their riders' strength and will.
O'Toole does not provide evidence regarding the ownership of land banks in 1970s Ireland (a difficult measure or 'uisce faoi thallamh' to divine) but one could add farmers to the list of land owners who would be affected by the Kenny proposals.
Fans of Stiefvater's Shiver (Scholastic, 2009/VOYA December 2009) will fall under her descriptive trance once again in The Scorpio Races as she draws the reader into Sean and Puck's captivating world of capaill uisce. The elegant imagery of the town and subtle romance between the two main characters make up for the slight holes in the story, such as Puck's weak motivation for involving herself in the race.