UISSUppsala International Summer Session (Swedish language courses)
UISSUrinary Incontinence Severity Score
UISSUnion of Islamic Student Societies
UISSUnited Iroquois Shared Services (Iroquois Healthcare Association; New York)
UISSUCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) Integrated Staging System (kidney cancer survival predictor)
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"Today, the issue of human rights is considered one of the main constituents of the legal and political discourses of the states and human communities, despite all its conceptual shortcomings and disagreements in its bases and administration," read the letter issued by the Union of Islamic Students' Societies (UISS) on Tuesday.
"Ignoring it (the human rights) at domestic levels will trigger numerous crises and challenge the efficacy and legitimacy of a political establishment," the UISS said in its letter to the United Nations Human Rights Council.
"Accordingly, governments are obliged to observe the principles of the human rights to preserve their political life, and abide by the commitments they have made according to their domestic law and especially in regard with the international law," the UISS' message read.
Operational evaluation of the UISS is slated for spring 2018, and Milestone C is expected in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year, according to Neagley.
According to [6], the transmission zeros are produced by the UISs. To simplify the analysis, we set [[theta].sub.1] = [[theta].sub.2] - [DELTA][theta], [[theta].sub.3] = [[theta].sub.2] + [DELTA][theta], [Z.sub.1] = [Z.sub.3].
In the USV domain, in addition to Textron Systems' UISS plus Atlas Elektronik's ARMICS and MMCM ASV solutions, ECA is proposing its Inspector Mk.II USV, which has already been supplied to the French Navy for counter-insurgency training missions.
While a majority of the previous UISS scale validation efforts were conducted using United States samples, this study utilized a Korean sample to validate the scale.
User information system satisfaction (UISS) refers to the extent to which end-users perceive that an available information system meets their information requirements and needs.
A su vez, segun estos autores, las representaciones correspondientes a los nombres se almacenarian junto a la informacion semantica en las Unidades de Identidad Semantica (UISs).