UIUUpper Iowa University (Fayette, IA, USA)
UIUUniversal Imaging Utility
UIUUnità Immobiliari Urbane (Italian)
UIUUser Interface Unit
UIUUrology Investigation Unit
UIUUnited International Universities
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Konstrukciju parametrai bei pradiniai itempiai tiek arkoje, tiek kabamajame elemente gali buti parinkti tokie, kad horizontaliosios Uiu konstrukciju jegos butu vienodos ([H.sub.v] = [H.sub.a]).
eiuolaikineje prancuzu kalboje prieU keleta deUimtmeciu atsirado terminas ,,franglais", kuris jau tada rode dideli Uiu skoliniu poveiki kalbai (Etiemble 1991: 8-15).
By decreasing the need for bricks and mortar, and providing new ways for students to achieve their desired level of education, UIU is able to offer an aggressive financial aid system, ensuring that every student, no matter what mode or modes of study are chosen, will receive financial assistance.
"Now, I touch just one machine, which saves a tremendous amount of time and network space, as the typical image size using the UIU is much smaller," explains Watson.
New features of the UIU version 4.5 include: new Windows 7 driver database, support for Macintosh Intel-based hardware via Mac Boot Camp, advanced OS-agnostic UIU Discovery Tool which allows the user to ascertain hardware compatibility for all current Windows Operating Systems, modified Sysprep .
Designed for optimum compatibility with Windows-driven hard drive cloning and data backup software solutions, the Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) from Big Bang LLC and Binary Research International Inc.
Watson was with a different company several years ago when he was introduced to Big Bang LLC'[TM]s Universal Imaging Utility (UIU).
In the '40s, however, a union (UIU) managed to come in, and, almost as a miracle, the floor boss suddenly managed to live and survive without laborer-generated loans.
Binary Resource, a UK subsidiary of Binary Research International Inc, has announced is introducing Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) 2.0.
Desktop computer set-up and configuration times across the enterprise can it is claimed be slashed from hours to seconds with Universal Imaging Utility (UIU) software from Binary Resource who are introducing UIU 2.0 to the UK.