UIUIUnilateral Intrauterine Horn Insemination (fertilization method)
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Qui dum uiui armis feriuntur, uulnera eorum absque cruore albescunt, mortuis uero uix cessat sanguis manare.
As a result of the priests' persistent refusal to abandon their wives or forego their mistresses--even at threat of excommunication--the focaria herself became an object of attack and scorn, such as in the moral satire Contra auaros (early13thC), where she is portrayed as avaricious and controlling, (97-98) Presbiter quae mortui quae dant uiui, quaeque refert ad focariam, cui dat sua seque 'The priest, whatsoever he receives from the dead or the living, he carries back to his focaria, to whom he gives all--including himself' (Wright 33).