UIndyUniversity of Indianapolis (Indiana)
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HistoryIT is the company selected to digitize and develop an online interface for the university's Mayoral Archives, a collection of documents, images, recordings, physical artifacts and other items from the administrations of former Indianapolis Mayors Richard Lugar, William Hudnut and Stephen Goldsmith, that would later include those of Bart Peterson, all of them earlier UIndy trustees.
The proximity and involvement of UIndy students and faculty is an added value, she noted: We are thrilled to be able to draw on the expertise at UIndy, as well as to provide training and professional development opportunities for students and new graduates.'
The fact that the cohort was limited to UIndy faculty, staff, and family affects the ability to generalize the results to a larger population.
UIndy's School of Business offers a degree in supply chain and logistics management, and one of its professors is leading a project to develop a statewide program of study, starting at the high-school level.
UIndy offers an evening part-time or full-time MBA program or an accelerated executive MBA program that meets on weekends.