UJEUnified Jazz Ensemble (Maryland)
UJEUnion des Jeunes Etudiants (French: Union of Young Students; Montpellier, France)
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One notable feature of Ayoreo is the neat division of labor between uje and ujetiga, mirroring the realis/irrealis divide (Bertinetto 2009).
See Marcus, Concise Dictionary, 64, 158, 186; UJE, 2:416; BEAJ, 53; Who's Who in American Jewry (1938), 112, 618-9; Abelow, History of Brooklyn Jewry, 6-7, 21, 311; Wexelstein, Building up Greater Brooklyn, 67-9; New York Times, June 29, 1911, 11; WWIAJ (1926), 363.
I am deeply grateful to Philip Tepahae and several other women and men in Uje and Anelcauhat in Aneityum for their hospitality, forbearance and thoughtful responses to my questions.
Tenders are invited for the Working Documentation of technological pipelines of buildings UJA, UKC, UJE and the development of a three-dimensional model of supporting metal structures of technological pipelines and building structures of buildings UJA, UKC in the SmartPlant3D software package developed by JSC Atomenergoproekt documentation for power units 3 4 Kudankulam NPP in India
On Wilmington, see AJYB 9 (1907-08): 348; and "North Carolina," UJE, 8:238.
Tenders are invited for supply of embedded parts for the construction of the aboveground part of the Steam Chamber 20 UJE facility of the Belarusian NPP
Tenders are invited for supply of water-based paints for the project: "Electric power supply for normal operation (20UVA), Bl.2." And "Steam chamber building" 10 UJE bl.1.
Request for quotations : supply of epoxy enamel, varnish ep-730 and solvent p-4, for the object: steam chamber (10 uje) bl.
Request for quotations : rent of kbm-401p tower crane or a similar to the crew for the construction of the steam chamber (10 uje) facility, belorussian npp, power unit no.
Tenders are invited for Supply of pipeline fittings for fire extinguishing pipelines (9 projects) of buildings: UMA (1 project), UJE (3 projects), UKD (3 projects), UBA (1 project), UGB (1 project) for Unit 2 of the Belarusian NPP.
Tenders are invited for Production and supply of pipeline parts for the object "communication tunnels" (11uqz + 14uqz, 10urz, 11urz + 18urz, 11ubz + 14ubz, 15ubz, 10usz, 10ujz) combined pedestrian cable duct (10ujz, 17ubz) from the steam chamber (uje) to the building of the ddes (ubs).