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UJIUniversitat Jaume I de Castelló (Castellon, Spain)
UJIUniversidad Jaime I (Spanish: James I University; Castellón, Spain)
UJIUreteric Jet Index (color Doppler ultrasonography technique)
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Uji further said that over 20 out of the 64 government-owned secondary schools were attacked across the state.
They are a result of the toxic effect of cereal grains in ruminants.GOOD ENERGY AND WATER SOURCEIn the past week, I have received phone and e-mail questions from three farmers enquiring on the effectiveness of uji treatment in newly-calved cattle to quickly regain their strength, stimulate milk production and accelerate healing.
Uji is currently working on the development of SafariSeat, an all-terrain wheelchair for people in developing countries.
Another external factor that may influence the results is that students at UJI share practical space with two other nursing schools in which there is the figure of the tutor, responsible, or supervisor nurse.
Speakers from overseas are scheduled to talk about the ecology and conservation of reeds, or phragmites, in Europe while Japanese experts will report on research conducted in Lake Biwa, Lake Kasumigaura, Yodo River and Uji River.
Principal battles: Akasaka I (1331); Akasaka II, Chihaya (near Uji) (1333); Uji (1335); the Minatogawa (near Kobe) (1336).
El espacio europeo de educacion superior (EEES), comporta que todas las titulaciones oficiales de la Universitat Jaume I (UJI) se encuentren en un proceso de implantacion y adecuacion de la docencia a los nuevos planes de formacion propuestos desde la propia universidad con el objetivo de que su profesorado afronte profundos transformaciones para adecuar su perfil y rol docente a las nuevas exigencias que la nueva situacion educativa requiere.
The teahouses of Uji in Japan, where kimono-clad women serve drinks "with studied formality", came in sixth.
Three people died and seven were injured in an accident involving 12 vehicles on an expressway in Uji, Kyoto Prefecture, on Monday morning, police and firefighters said.
Following the death of the 66-year-old patient, Uji Tokushukai Hospital in the city of Uji notified the family of the death and reported it to the police and a local health center, the sources said.