UJPOUnited Jewish Peoples Order
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He was on the outs with the Canadian Jewish Congress, which he publicly condemned in 1954 for its refusal to protest against the rearmament of Germany and what he called the "revolting stand of [Jewish MPs] [Leon] Crestohl and [David] Croll who voted in parliament for arming the Germans." (107) Since UJPO had been expelled from the Congress, Salsberg could hardly find refuge in this august assembly (which called itself "the parliament of Canadian Jewry"), or in the Toronto Jewish community councils that were dominated by the local haute bourgeoisie.
Naivelt, the UJPO summer camp in Brampton, Ontario began as Kindervelt
remained in the UJPO vehemently disagreed with this assessment, but the
working-class and committed to transforming the world, many of the UJPO
For those younger people currently active in the UJPO, identity
the activities sponsored by the UJPO know little about its history.
is broader than, the members of the UJPO. In Toronto, the shule, located
at the Winchevsky Centre, remains part of the UJPO. The Peretz Institute
The overlap in the active membership with the UJPO,
when the UJPO was expelled from the Council during the Gold War years.
The leadership of the UJPO from Toronto and Winnipeg
affiliated with UJPO formally closed in the late 1960s, but there too, a