UJVUnincorporated Joint Venture
UJVUstav Jaderneho Vyzkumu (Czech: Nuclear Research Institute)
UJVUnion Jeep Vexin (veterans organization)
UJVUniversité Jules Verne (French: Jules Verne University)
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(c) If U, V [member of] P, then uJv - vJu [member of] [[DELTA].sub.0] and, for each [phi] [member of] [D.sub.h],
The UJV activities are undertaken in parallel with Saudi Aramco's own kingdom-wide oil and gas exploration programme.
The project was coordinated by UJV, a research institution in the Czech Republic, and Proton will supply the triple hybrid fuel cell propulsion system.
The Saramacca project falls within the "UJV" area as defined in an Agreement with the Government of Suriname announced on April 15, 2013.
So, the assessment of the safety system for the Hanhikivi-1 in Finland is being made by the experts from UJV ?e.