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UKAT managing director Eytan Alexander said: "The ONS figures are saddening but unsurprising.
Managing-director of UKAT Eytan Alexander, said the North East figures were "saddening but unsurprising".
UKAT Managing Director Eytan Alexander said: "Today's Office for National Statistics figures are saddening but unsurprising.
UKAT Managing Director Eytan Alexander said: "It cannot be coincidence that as councils here slash drug and alcohol treatment budgets by PS23 million over 6 years, the highest number of people on record lose their lives to drugs."
Given eight councils failed to respond to the data request, experts at UKAT fear this figure could be even higher in real terms.
At the same time, UKAT asked the Care Quality Commission -- the independent regulator of all health and social care services in England -- how many public residential rehabilitation treatment centres were registered and open back across the North West in 2013 compared with this year to understand the impact these budget cuts were having.
UKAT's CEO and former addict Eytan Alexander said: "Public Health England's data clearly shows that an alarming number of teenagers and young adults are addicted to these incredibly potent substances.
Concern UKAT's CEO and former addict Eytan Alexander said the number of people living across the West Midlands aged only 15 to 24 and using opiates and/or crack cocaine currently stands at more than 3,000 - which he says is of particular concern.
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UK Addiction Treatment (UKAT) - a private group of treatment centres - says it has discovered that PS1.5m has been shaved off Kirklees Council's budget for treating alcoholics during the five years 2012 - 2017.
Bario highland, known for its temperate climate, was without electricity from Friday to Sunday afternoon, affecting supply to Kampung Baru, Padang Pasir, Ulung Palang Atas, Ulung Palang Bawah, Pa Ukat, Pa Umor, Arur Dalan, Bario Asal, Arur Layun, Pa Derung, Pa Ramapuh Atas and Pa Ramapuh Bawah.