UKBSUnited Kingdom Building Surveyors PLC (Essex, UK)
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Das Universittsklinikum Bonn (UKB) plant im westlichen Bereich, sdlich der Hmatologie, auf dem Venusberg den Neubau einer Zentralen Sterilgutversorgungsanlage.
This maintains existing regulations already applicable to UKBs. The collateral value cap will be particularly relevant in securing DOSRI transactions and in potentially accelerating the setting up of allowable loan for losses in case a loan account gets distressed.
In furtherance of the objectives of SPRB Module I and to promote participation under the Program, its scope was broadened and enhancements were made under the SPRB Plus such as inclusion of TBs, in addition to RBs, as among the eligible banks as well as the inclusion of TBs, universal and commercial banks (UKBs), non-bank corporations and group of companies as eligible STPIs.