UKERCUnited Kingdom Energy Research Centre
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Instead of banking on shale, UKERC recommends rapidly expanding investment in alternative low-carbon energy sources and investing in more gas storage to help protect consumers against short-term supply disruption and price rises.
The UK energy system was modelled in UKERC Energy 2050 [3] using mArKAL (UK MARKAL model), a market allocation economic model that uses linear programming to reflect change over 5-year time steps.
The report's chief author, Dr Robert Goss, head of technology and policy assessment at UKERC, said: "We could do more to support innovation and the smaller players lower in the supply chain."
Professor Nick Jenkins, director of the institute, is in charge of around half a million pounds' worth of research projects at Imperial College, London, and Exeter University, besides the pounds 498,000 he has received via the UKERC for work at Cardiff.
But blocking certain green technologies such as onshore wind farms because of "nimbyism" could add to the costs of a move to a low-carbon economy, a report from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) said.
(UKERC Working Paper, 2005.) Available at: < 051109_Engineering-Environment_An_E4_Re.pdf>
The UK published Energy White paper "Our energy future - creating a low carbon economy" in 2003 to put a path to cut the UK's carbon dioxide emissions by some 60% by about 2050 with real progress by 2020, such as UK Energy Research Center (UKERC) was established in 2004 to achieve sustainable energy economy and the 40% House project studies behavioural and technological changes in the search for how UK households can meet the 60% target.
The UK Energy Research Council (UKERC), which spent two years researching the means for establishing CCS as a mainstream technology, came to the same conclusion: a regulatory approach making CCS compulsory in all fossil plants will only work if the technology is more advanced.