UKIMUnited Kingdom Islamic Mission
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UKIM was bought in 2011 by ExamWorks, the largest independent medical examination company in North America, a move which launched a period of rapid growth for the business.
UKIM believes in progression from within the business, with some of the company's managers even starting off as apprentices themselves.
Having identified the need for an apprentice, UKIM utilised the college's free recruitment and matching service to find the ideal candidate.
Gavin Morrigan, HR manager at UKIM, said: "We utilise apprenticeships to recruit individuals at ground level, giving us the ability to shape their learning in line with our business operations.
Now, the only way to make certain it is not allowing room for extremism has been to ensure nobody makes use of the mosque except for UKIM itself.
To prepare for this, UKIM is more than doubling the size of its office space with expectation it will increase staff numbers from 80 to 150 over the coming few years.
UKIM was founded in 2003 by Paul Healey and Ian Medforth and serves the personal injury claims processing market.
UKIM now has an array of resources to continue its excellent growth under the ExamWorks umbrella.
Wolverhampton-based Mohammed Akhtar, Secretary General of UKIM, said UKIM was a moderate group which had never espoused extremist views, although it did disagree with Government policy.
UKIM managing director Ian Medforth said: "Our volumes are increasing year on year and we expect that growth to continue.
UKIM handles about 5% of the 700,000 personal injury claims every year in the UK, so there is lots of scope for further penetration into a growing market place.
UKIM managing director Ian Medforth said: "We have made great progress in the last six months and by the end of the year we expect to have processed in excess of 27,000 injury reports and, if we keep up the same rate of growth, it is realistic to expect to break the 50,000 reports barrier 12 months after that.