UKIRTUnited Kingdom Infrared Telescope
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Probing the vertical cloud structure of Uranus & Neptune with ground based near IR observations at UKIRT, IRTF and Gemini-North', EGU General Assembly 2010, held 2010 May 2-7, Vienna, Austria, p.
UKIRT is the largest telescope in the world dedicated to infrared observing.
When one considers the UKIRT calibration star list one finds a number of stars rejected as possible standards for the Carlos Sanchez Telescope because of their known variability.
One of the world's leading infrared observatories, UKIRT will continue surveying nearby brown dwarfs, distant supermassive black holes, and everything in between.
8 meters), UKIRT ranks as the world's second-largest telescope dedicated solely to infrared observations (surpassed only by the U.
The methane dwarf was identified in the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) as part of a project to identify the coolest objects in the galaxy.
Ben Burningham of the University of Hertfordshire as part of a dedicated search for cool brown dwarfs in the UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS).
The Keck measurements give us a uniquely high-resolution look at the innermost regions of the active nucleus, and the UKIRT images are very powerful in disentangling the contributions of the host galaxy and the accretion disk in the interferometry data," said Makoto Kishimoto, the research paper's leading author.
5, 36 IR Cassegrain English yoke Mauna Kea, HI 19[degrees] 50' N 155[degrees] 28' W 4,194 m Operated by the Joint Astronomy Centre, Hawaii, UKIRT has been dedicated to infrared studies since completion in 1978.