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The court heard that instead of detaining the Chinese cocklers, UKIS and the DWP allowed them to carry on working, happy in the knowledge that they were self-sufficient and not a drain on the state.
Lord Carlile, who represented Tony Eden, argued that the UKIS and DWP officials were as guilty of facilitation - helping people breach immigration law - as any of the defendants.
"Those steps would have had to be taken by UKIS, working with the DWP.
He argued that emails sent by UKIS officials showed they were aware of the possibility of a tragedy, but apparently did nothing about it.
Lord Carlile said: "The state, through the agency of UKIS and its responsible ministers, created the situation in which it was an everyday and accepted part of British industry and exports that Chinese illegals would gather cockles, and by the way would be self-sufficient.
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