UKNPUjung Kulon National Park (Indonesia)
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The expected Javan leopard density in UKNP, which lies between 10.91-12.80/100 [km.sup.2], is higher than the estimated densities of Javan leopard in other areas in Indonesian rainforests, (i.e.
Our maps identified a high level of similar areas within UKNP combined with the high predicted probability of both species' presence.
muntjac (one of the prey species in UKNP) (Lovari & Mori 2017, Rahman et al.
UKNP is an example of lowland tropical rainforest with low variations in elevation and slope (with maximum height of 800 m; S.
Our camera trap at UKNP showed a group of dholes preying on a banteng calf by separating it from its mother.
Our study emphasised the feasibility of documenting species-habitat relationships of two sympatric carnivores in the critical conservation landscape of UKNP, Indonesia.
As efforts in UKNP move forward, a third site to which Javan rhinos can be translocated and protected will need to be identified.