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Neuman reported (oral communication to Poole, 1998) that he identified Eostrophomena and bryozoa in the collections as well as two specimens of a large, unknown brachiopod, that may be Ukoa sp., poorly described by Opik (1932).
"Ukoa" - - - Turnbull Mountain Formation Nepisiguit Falls Formation Lower Birch Island Member Vallee Lourdes Member Turnbull Mountain Tetagouche River locality locality Genera \ Host Rock felsic tuff siltstone Dolerorthis - - Monorthis x - "Paralenorthis" x x Productorthis x - Rugostrophia - x Schedophyla - - Skenidioides - - Tritoechia - x "Ukoa" X - Abundance indicated by: X (bold face) = very abundant, coquinoid shell beds in places; x = moderate abundance to rare; - = not observed.
The most distinctive of these in the Napadogan area are several anomalously large dorsibiconvex, fine-ribbed shells from one locality that resemble the rare Baltic genus Ukoa. Smaller specimens in the shell beds associated with these probably belong to the genus Monorthis that was first described from Arenig-age sandstone on Anglesey, northwestern Wales and later reported from volcaniclastic sandstone of the Suri Formation of the Famatina "System", northwestern Argentina.