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Daniel (2001) sostiene que la presion que enfrentan las universidades para incrementar la calidad, para reducir costos y para dar acceso a la educacion superior a mas jovenes estudiantes, puede solucionarse a traves de las TIC, como lo ha hecho la Ukou en el Reino Unido.
(5) Ukou: United Kingdom The Open University (Universidad Abierta del Reino Unido).
The success of UKOU has led to an acceptance and legitimating of support services integrated with the provision of study materials.
With reference to the Western Institutes, the author is only confined to the British Open University (UKOU).
Today, UKOU is one of the world's premier universities, enrolling more than 200,000 students and graduating 20,000 students annually.
The UKOU became "an inheritor of Wedemeyer's inspiration, a beneficiary of his advice, and a learner from his wisdom." (36)
The assessment described here illustrates the feasibility and scalability of a variety of strategies that have previously been used in other universities with small course presentations, and clearly there is potential for a wider implementation within the UKOU. Examples described from the four courses in this article are: collaborative assignments, web-based assignments, assignments to encourage independent learning skills and enhancements to assignment development and feedback.
According to brochure of AOU (2002, p.1) The AOU is closely associated with the UK Open University, thus enabling students to graduate with an Arab Open University degree and that of the UKOU, an internationally recognized United Kingdom degree.
The AOU adopts and utilizes tried and tested course materials from the UKOU. In this regard, the AOU established an educational partnership with the UK Open University (UKOU) in 2001and its programmes are validated by the Open University Validation Services (OUVS).