UKPCUnited Kingdom Privy Council
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David said he wrote to UKPC on nine occasions asking for the ticket to be waived but had no joy.
(31) St Catharines Milling and Lumber Co v R, [1888] 14 AC 46 at 53-54, [1888] UKPC 70 (BAILII) [St Catharines Milling]; Grassy Narrows First Nation v Ontario (Natural Resources), 2014 SCC 48 at paras 33-35 [Grassy Narrows].
of Unsecured Creditors of Navigator Holdings plc [2006] UKPC 26 [21]-[22], [2007] 1 AC 508 (appeal taken from Isle of Man).
(24) Attorney-General of Canada v Attorney-General of Ontario and others, [1931] UKPC 93, [1932] 1 DLR 58 at 64 [Aeronautics Reference cited to DLR].
The British Parking Association (BPA) looked into previous allegations against UKPC.
The DVLA said: "We suspended UKPC while we look into concerns we have around a possible breach of contract."
At the time this ruling was issued, the JCPC had already decided Russell v The Queen (1882), 7 App Cas 829, [1882] UKPC 33.
(303.) In re Regulation and Control of Radio Communication in Canada, [1932] UKPC 7, at 3, [1932] A.C.
UKPC have received hundreds of calls from worried recipients and have confirmed that they would never contact people in this way.
DPP [2007] UKPC 4 (Jam.) (leading decision on unlawful policy grounds); R ex rel.
(10) In Schmidt v Rosewood Trust Ltd [2003] UKPC 26, [51], the duty to disclose trust documents was grounded in 'the court's inherent jurisdiction to supervise, and if necessary to intervene in, the administration of trusts'.