UKRSUnited Kingdom Radio Society (UK National Ham Radio Organisation)
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"The en tire Blue Belt team, including our physician advisors, has remained committed to providing orthopedic surgeons and hospitals a more precise and consistent technique to perform UKR procedures that takes into consideration the current economic environment in our healthcare system.
Company officials said Blue Belt has begun selling NavioPFS in the United States for the UKR application, and the firm continues to develop other applications where the system can be used to perform precision bone-shaping procedures.
Within the UK there is growing acceptance in using MIS for the implantation of UKRs. Most manufacturers are now providing specialised MIS equipment helping to achieve reliable and reproducible results.
The evolution of MIS to total knee arthroplasty however, appears to require an entirely new surgical technique rather than the evolution of a conventional one as seen with UKRs. MIS principles are somewhat different when applied to TKR surgery, as the patella remains in situ without being everted.
The ideal patient for a UKR presents with localised wear in a single tibio-femoral compartment while the contra-lateral compartment and the cruciate ligaments are well preserved.
MIS technique for UKR was first performed in 1992 by John Repicci from Buffalo, New York (Repicci & Eberle 1999).
UKRS is involved in major projects in Coventry, Leeds, Manchester and Scotland and Mr Bowen said the firm's Coventry location was an important part of its continued success.
Lee and Sion Bowen, of UKRS Projects, which is predicting its turnover will more than double for 2008/09.