UKUPUnited Kingdom Unionist Party
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The UKUP alternative to a process directed by terrorists is insist on a process controlled exclusively by democrats.
CANDIDATES: Orla Beattie (SDLP); Francie Brolly (SF); Gregory Campbell MP (DUP); Joseph Cubitt (UKUP); John Dallat (SDLP); Barney Fitzpatrick (All); Norman Hillis (UUP); Billy Leonard (SF); David McClarty (UUP); Michael McGonigle (Independent); Adrian Mc- Quillan (DUP); Philippe Moison (Green); George Robinson (DUP); Edwin Stevenson (UUP).
CASH QUESTION: The UUP's David Trimble, top, and UKUP leader `Bob McCartney
UKUP leader Bob McCartney said: "I just cannot believe the absurdity of this.
CANDIDATES: Thomas Burns (SDLP); David Burnside (UUP); Trevor Clarke (DUP); Marcella Delany (WP); David Ford (Alliance); Daniel Kinahan (UUP); Mel Lucas (DUP); Robert Mc-Cartney (UKUP); Noreen McClelland (SDLP); William McCrea (DUP); Mitchel McLaughlin (SF); Stephen Nicholl (UUP); Stephen O'Brien (Conservative); Pete Whitcroft (Green)
He is to stand in this month's Assembly elections for the UKUP and wants to be "a voice for the victims''.
CANDIDATES: Orla Black (SDLP); Robert Coulter (UUP); Lyle Cubitt (UKUP); Jayne Dunlop (Alliance); James Gregg (Ind); Paul McGlinchey (Ind); Daithi McKay (SF); Deirdre Nelson (DUP); Declan O'Loan (SDLP); Ian Paisley Snr (DUP); Ian Paisley Jnr; DUP Mervyn Storey (DUP); Robert Swann (UUP).
CANDIDATES: Allan Bresland (DUP); Thomas Buchanan (DUP); Josephine Deehan (SDLP); Kieran Deeny (Independent); Pat Doherty (SF); Derek Hussey (UUP); Robert McCartney (UKUP); Barry McElduff (SF); Claire McGill (SF); Eugene McMenamin (SDLP); Joseph O'Neill (Ind); Seamus Shields (SDLP)
CANDIDATES: Billy Bell (UUP); Paul Butler (SF); David Craig (DUP); Ronnie Crawford (UUP); Jeffrey Donaldson (DUP); Marietta Farrell (SDLP); Paul Givan (DUP); Neil Johnston (Conservative); Trevor Lunn (Alliance); John Magee (WP); Robert McCartney (UKUP); Basil Mc- Crea (UUP); Edwin Poots (DUP); Michael Rogan (Green)
In offering candidates in 13 constituencies the UKUP is providing unionists who object to Sinn Fein governing them with an opportunity to vote for an anti-agreement party the UKUP.
CANDIDATES: Joe Boyle (SDLP); Angus Carson (UUP); George Ennis (UKUP); David Gregg (Ind); Simon Hamilton (DUP); Michael Henderson (UUP); Dermot Kennedy (SF); Robert Little (Cons); Kieran McCarthy (Alliance); Michelle McIlveen (DUP); David McNarry (UUP); Iris Robinson (DUP); Richard James Shannon (DUP); Stephanie Sim (Green Party); Cedric Gordon Wilson (Ind).
CANDIDATES: Vincent Currie (SDLP); Kenneth Donaldson (UUP); Thomas Elliot (UUP); Arlene Foster (DUP); Tommy Gallagher (SDLP); Michelle Gildernew (SF); Allan Leonard (Alliance); Sean Lynch (SF); Robert McCartney (UKUP); Gerry McGeough (Ind); Gerry McHugh (SF); Michael McManus (Ind); Maurice Morrow (DUP).