ULCANSUltralightweight Camouflage Net System
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ULCANS are used for hiding military objects, protecting them from visual as well as near infrared, thermal infrared and broadband radar threats, while in a static position.
ULCANS is a step up from the old LCSS (lightweight camouflage screen system and lightweight camouflage support system).
The switch from LCSS to ULCANS can't be done piecemeal.
Appendix C of TM 5-1080-250-12&P lists part numbers and NSNs for the ULCANS. You'll find the TMs online at the Electronic Technical Manuals website:
Saab Barracuda has been the US Army's sole provider of ULCANS since 1997.
ULCANS is the replacement for the currently deployed Lightweight Camouflage Screening System (LCSS), developed in the 1970s, and is being developed to provide highly mobile and semi-mobile assets with better protection against enhanced multispectral threat sensors.
The current ULCANS contract, for woodlands pattern, is a five-year effort originally awarded in September 1997; the next milestone decision, type classification, is expected in the first half of FY99, and a procurement order is expected shortly thereafter, according to Tracor.
Testing at Fort Irwin, CA, showed that keeping a shelter or tent covered with ULCANS reduced the power required for cooling by 22 percent.
Order the ULCANS desert radar scattering system with NSN 1080-01-475-0696; desert radar transparent system with NSN 1080-01-475-0694; woodland radar scattering system with NSN 1080-01-457-2956; and woodland radar transparent system with NSN 1080-01-475-0697.
Saab Barracuda has been sole provider of ULCANS for the US Army since 1997.
When you dispose of an ULCANS that is damaged or not needed, you must do so using normal DLA Disposition Services.