ULCOUniversité du Littoral Côte d'Opale (French: University of the Littoral Opal Coast; Dunkerque, France)
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This two-year course will be taught by ULCO teachers in evening classes and during the weekends.
Our charity has therefore arranged for Ulco Medical to modify three discarded Elite machines to a simpler and more robust specification (Figure 1).
With the addition of an add-in negative pressure alarm to the circuit (available from Ulco) these machines will still comply with ANZCA Professional Standard 54.
Once again, I am grateful to Ulco Medical for their support of this project.
(2.) Ulco Medical: EV500 Anaesthetic Ventilator User Manual.
A cheap way of providing anaesthesia has been described using a disposable carbon dioxide absorber (1) and several armies use the Field Anaesthesia Machine from Ulco (Ulco Medical, Marrickville, NSW).
Ulco generously provided engineering design for no charge, and the machine cost $4000 plus GST.
I am grateful for the assistance given by Ulco Medical towards this project.
An OMV (Ulco Medical, Marrickville, NSW) was mounted in the proximal portion of the inspiratory limb of the breathing circuit.
The routine anaesthetic machine and ventilator check (Ulco Elite with EV500 ventilator) was performed both by the anaesthetic nurse and myself and no problems were noted.