ULCVUltra Large Container Vessel (shipping)
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As ULCV deployment is basically limited to the Asia-Europe trade (with a couple of exceptions), they are reducing carriers' ability to respond to changes in demand as they have fewer capacity levers to pull and as mentioned they force the cascade of larger units into other trades, which may or may not be able to accommodate them from a demand perspective."
"The acquisition of the ULCV is a tremendous step forward in light mobility for the men and women of CANSOFCOM.
Unlike most Army vehicles, armor will not be a key consideration in the ULCV selection process.
Recently, the Army hosted a ULCV platform performance demonstration at Fort Bragg, N.C., to determine if current industry technology is capable of producing a vehicle that can meet Army requirements.
Sources of genetic resistance in mungbean and blackgram against Urdbean leaf crinkle virus (ULCV).
Urdbean leaf crinkle virus (ULCV), an unclassified virus, seed-borne with narrow host range and probably aphid- transmitted, is relatively a destructive and serious disease of blackgram (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper) in Pakistan.
Unlike most of the vehicles fielded during the past decade, the requirements for the ULCV focus on mobility, not on protective armor that restricts a truck's ability to quickly move through varied terrain, Parker said.
ULCV is an important disease of urdbean in Pakistan, because it causes huge losses in production of urdbean.
Two lighter vehicles are also part of the re-equipment plan to replace the Hummer: one is known as ULCV, for Ultra-Lightweight Combat Vehicle, the second being the LRV, for Light Reconnaissance Vehicle.